9th September, 2021

18:30-20:00 (IST)

Dr. Subra Suresh


President - Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore


As we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic that has redefined norms across sectors, it is essential to analyze its impact across geographies and sectors.


While the onset of the fourth industrial revolution continues to disrupt the way we work, interact, collaborate, live, and even exist; navigating this new normal in a tech-driven world is both challenging and replete with opportunities.


From the rapid rise of online learning and as well as healthcare mechanisms to managing working from home, technology has come to our rescue and helped navigate this pandemic in innumerable ways.


On the other hand, it has given rise to a more involved debate on data-sharing, privacy, and other dimensions of emerging technologies. In such a scenario, the choice to humans to understand, analyze, and use technology will be critical.


Subjective issues such as compassion, dignity, ethics will assume importance in hitherto unforeseen ways. As we hopefully start contemplating a post-pandemic world, it is important to assess the role of technology in existing systems and in creating more efficient and effective ones.


This webinar will explore this ‘new normal’ from a technology, societal and humanistic point of view. 


Dr. Subra Suresh

President - Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore

Prof Subra Suresh is the 4th President and inaugural Distinguished University Professor of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, since January 2018. He is a globally recognised materials scientist, biological engineer, author, and entrepreneur.


Prof Suresh has served (2010-2013) as the Director of the US National Science Foundation (NSF), a position to which he was nominated by President Barack Obama , and unanimously confirmed by the US Senate.  He has been the President of Carnegie Mellon University (2013 – 2017), and Dean of the School of Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2007-2010).  Prof Suresh, who graduated from high school at the age of 15 and completed his doctorate degree from MIT in two years, is the first Asia-born professor to lead any of the five schools at MIT and the first Asia-born  to lead the NSF and Carnegie Mellon. 

Prof Suresh is amongst a rare group of scholars elected to all three US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for his pioneering research in materials science and engineering, mechanics, and biomedicine. He is the recipient of some of the highest honours by governments and universities for his leadership in advancing science, technology, education, research, and innovation.


Prof Suresh has been awarded 18 honorary doctorate degrees from some of the most prestigious institutions in the USA, UK, China, India, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Greece, and Russia. He has authored three books, more than 300 research articles, 26 patent applications, and has cofounded two technology start-ups. Prof Suresh is an independent Director of the Board of HP Inc. (HPQ) and Singapore Exchange (SGX); a member of the Board of National Research Foundation and A*STAR, Singapore, and a Senior Advisor to Temasek International Pte Ltd.

  • Understanding the technology contours in a post COVID-19 world.

  • Discussing the effects of the pandemic in different sectors and geographies. 

  • Maximizing opportunities in a tech-driven ecosystem.

  • Navigating ethical challenges due to increasing prevalence of emerging technologies. 

  • Exploring Humanity 4.0 with respect to education, equality, environment, and economy.

  • Role of technology in human decision making  


  • Leaders in Education

  • Institution builders

  • Education policy-makers

  • Faculty members

  • Students

  • Research and Development Professionals

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