India today combines the fastest growth in the number of internet users in the world with a vibrant and diverse legacy in the media sector. With a rapidly growing number of digitally connected population, India is discovering and developing its way through the Digital Media space.

The Digital Media and Marketing Communications (DM & MC) programme at Jio Institute is supplemented by internships opportunities to work with top companies and gain real-world work experience, the full-time degree combines classroom learning with practical marketing communications experiences and domestic and global travel opportunities.



The DM & MC programme at Jio Institute, introduces new age pedagogy and industry relevant, India centric curriculum to provide students with a differentiated experience.

The programme is uniquely positioned by bringing together detailed academic work in specific areas of media, encompassing the holistic elements of the media ecosystem and addressing the broader impact of media and its technologies on the world.

The programme is distinctive intelligence. In this area, the DM & MC programme also has synergy with the Artificial Intelligence & Data Science programme at Jio Institute (in the form of shared courses and projects). among academic programmes in business, media, and communications: When compared to business programmes, Jio Institute’s DM & MC programme showcases the three elements of media - content, channels and platforms, and consumers and less about businesses per se. Similarly, when compared to advertising and communications programmes, DM & MC programme is oriented towards technology and the related data and analytics about media use and content consumption as opposed to traditional advertising and communications programmes.

The DM & MC programme at Jio Institute is incorporating leading-edge academic research and innovative teaching programmes that will prepare students to work in the emerging digital world and bring in an India centric view through real life applications that are of relevance to the country. The curriculum features coursework in analytics, both traditional methods such as inferential statistics, as well as more novel approaches using machine learning and artificial

Programme Mentor

Dr. Frank Mulhern

Associate Dean for Research, Digital Media and Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University, USA

Programme Advisory Council

Dr. Aditi Bajaj

Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University; Santa Clara University, USA

Dr. Naveen Donthu

Katherine S. Bernhardt Research Professor, Distinguished Professor & Chair Marketing, Georgia State University, USA

Dr. Murali K. Mantrala

Sam M. Walton Distinguished professor of Marketing at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA

Dr. Arvind Rangaswamy

Sr. Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Anchel Professor of Marketing, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Dr. Raj Sethuraman

Harold Simmons Chair in Marketing, Southern Methodist University, USA

Mr. Anish Shah

Principle Consultant, Forrester Research, USA

Samir Sheth

Consumer Product Marketing Lead at Twitter (Ex: Fitbit, Facebook, P&G), Twitter, USA


The DM & MC programme’s curriculum has a heavy focus on incorporating courses that build analytical and technological skills along with traditional digital media and marketing communications abilities. The curriculum also includes an India centric focus.

Additionally, the curriculum offers flexibility so that students are able to customize and align their coursework in order to define their individual learning experience. Jio Institute provides courses that help develop varied career paths such as research focused, industry aligned, or entrepreneurially inclined to help students fulfil diverse aspirations.

Q1: 19th July 2021 - 15th Oct 2021
  • Consumer Insight
  • Marketing Management
  • Communication, Technology & Society
  • Market Research & Data Analytics
Q2: 18th Oct 2021 - 4th Feb 2022
  • Media Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Advertising and Promotion Strategy
  • Media Law , Ethics and Policy
Q3: 7th Feb 2022 - 29th Apr 2022
  • Brand Management
  • Creative Brand Building / Advertising
  • Content Creation
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Digital Media Metrics and Analytics
  • Data Management & Visualization
Q4: 16th May 2022 - 5th Aug 2022
​ Immersion Quarter
  • Industry Internships
  • Faculty led Projects
  • Entrepreneurship
Q5: 22nd Aug 2022 - 18th Nov 2022
  • Brand Communication
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Management
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • [AI & DS Elective]
Q6: 21st Nov 2022- 03rd Feb 2023
Independent Research Project
[Student select their research areas]

Learning Outcomes

The DM & MC programme at Jio Institute has been designed with the primary objective to help the students in examining and exploring the importance and adoption of digital marketing across the rapidly changing business environment. The programme also focusses on skilling the students to make organisations more effective in terms of business operations by leveraging deep consumer insights using big data and trends.

The programme aims to offer its students with the know-how and understanding to develop a structured approach to planning, implementing and assessing the digital marketing strategies for business. The students will be adept at investigating the key issues and themes in the adoption and application of digital marketing to business. They will be able to explore the nuances and the more tactical and operational challenges being faced by organizations of today. The programme has been well substantiated by drawing parallels with the real world so that students learn to refine their skills to implement digital marketing strategies in the best manner.

Overseas Module

Despite the increasing global competition for jobs, higher education institutions in India do not offer multiple avenues for graduate students to experience an international, cross cultural environment and build the skills necessary to succeed in a global economy. With only a small portion of students studying abroad at some point in their academic career at most Indian institutions, there is an opportunity to provide students with a differentiated experience.

Incorporating an overseas module as a core part of the pedagogy, for the DM & MC is an effective means for students to develop needed skills and experience different cultures, environments and education systems. The students will remain enrolled with the Jio Institute, and shall be sent to the partner university for a short duration as part of their academic curriculum.

JI will sign MOUs with partner universities where the overseas module shall be developed and delivered, with the support of JI faculty (if needed). The partner university will evaluate the learning outcomes of the JI students and shall provide unofficial transcripts or grades which will be incorporated in the official transcripts issued by the Jio Institute. The partner university shall also provide a graduate certificate for JI students for the successful completion on the overseas module at their university. The duration of the programme will be between 2-6 weeks and take place between February and March 2022.

Immersion Quarter

In the current landscape of higher education in India, there are very few specialized degrees that provide students with this specialized knowledge and experience in applying those skills in the real world.

The Immersion Quarter offers opportunities to students to work with leading companies and non – profits or on campus with a pre - determined project scope. The Immersion Quarter shall have academic credit equivalent to three courses. The dedicated faculty who engage with companies to develop a project scope for the students will be in-charge of the programme. The students may take-up following options during the immersion quarter:

  1. Internship with companies

  2. Immersion Projects facilitated through faculty

  3. Engage in research projects with faculty at partner institutes

  4. Pursue their own startup project with faculty and Mentors

The Immersion Quarter will run over a period of 10 weeks and start with an orientation conducted at Jio Institute campus. Students will form teams of 4-5 and select projects out of the provided list and are assigned as per best fit. The Immersion quarter's evaluations will be done on the basis of a midterm presentation to a panel of the teaching faculty and final presentation to supervisors at the partner companies or to research project supervisors and appropriate grades will be assigned by the faculty supervisor.


Dr. Aditi Bajaj

Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University; Santa Clara University, USA

Dr. Ang Peng Hwa

Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU, Singapore

Dr. Frank J. Mulhern

Associate Dean for Research, Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University, USA

Dr. Terence Lee

Associate Professor, Communication & Media Studies / Cluster Leader, Communication & Society Murdoch University, Australia

Dr. Raj Sethuraman

 Harold Simmons Chair in Marketing, Southern Methodist University, USA

Dr. Denish Shah

Barbara & Elmer Sunday Professor; Director, Social Media Intelligence Lab; Associate Professor of Marketing, at J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, USA

Dr. Claire Tan

Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Singapore

Dr. Harsh Taneja

Assistant Professor, Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA


Jio Institute believes in the power of learning in new contexts and helping the students to better understand consumers and different marketplaces. The DM & MC programme offered at JI will address the business needs and goals of students and offer high potential career tracks to them as per their interest and career aspirations which shall be one from –Corporate Track, Research Track and Entrepreneurial Track.

The different career paths post DM & MC at JI have been outlined below:

1. Corporate Track: With a specialized degree, students will have the knowledge and experience in applying digital marketing skills in the real world. The maiden programme launch of Digital Media & Marketing Communications at Jio Institute seeks to address the gap for skilled executives by preparing a new generation of professionals of marketers, technologists and entrepreneurs operating in the digital age. The students will have the opportunity to work with top companies and gain real-world work experience as indicated below:

  • Marketing Communications Agencies: Marketing Specialist; Creative Strategist

  • Market Research Firms: Product Analyst; Research Associate

  • Corporations: Marketing Analysts; Digital Product Managers

  • Consulting Firms: Brand Analyst; Digital Media Consultant; Insights Associate

  • Non Profit / Govt.: Business Strategy Executives; Strategic Communications Executives

2. Research Track: JI offers specialized research track to accommodate personalized preferences of students who want to continue their learning in the areas on digital media and marketing. Students aspiring to build a career in academics and research can choose to continue their studies by enrolling for the doctoral or post-doctoral programme offered at the institute.

3. Entrepreneurial Track: For students interesting to explore career opportunities as an Entrepreneur, JI offers an ecosystem with activities such as competitions, supporting of innovative ideas, incubation centres, and mentoring of entrepreneurs. Students who fish to further build on their innovative ideas in the field of digital media and marketing will be provided support from the faculty in terms of management and industry expertise. JI will connect the students with relevant agencies and angel networks and help students secure funding for their ventures.