The Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Programme at Jio Institute is focused on providing a solid academic foundation in the core concepts of AI and Data Science, along with a deep understanding of their applications to develop professionals that are ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing ecosystem of the technology industry.


The AI & DS programme at Jio Institute introduces new age pedagogy and industry relevant, India centric curriculum to provide students with a differentiated experience. JIO INSTITUTE’s AI & DS programme will bring in an element of purpose, self-awareness and education for ‘life management’ amongst the students, rather than just imparting technical skills. The programme will be of high rigor, industry relevance and social significance. The programme shall also be India centric with a strong Indian focus in its pedagogy and real life applications that are of relevance to the country.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to be the next technological revolution to change the way we work. AI technology is designed to mimic human thinking by “learning” through recognizing patterns and drawing on past experiences. AI technologies can now identify objects, understand speech, translate languages, recognize faces and analyse sentiments. This broadly expands the range of tasks that machines may be able to accomplish, and they may eventually replace some jobs currently done by humans altogether.

The progressive growth of automation and AI in the last decade is attributed to two major factors: the increasing availability of big data and hardware accelerators. These factors are making AI the core technology responsible for extreme automation and connectivity and thus, taking the world towards the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution. The impact of new technology isn’t just on our daily tasks – Artificial Intelligence is redefining the labour market.


While there has been significant advancements in research in this space there are still a number of avenues to explore. Research plays an increasingly important role in the development of innovations and new technology. Research and innovation process results in economic growth by encouraging the development of new markets and improving existing markets. At Jio Institute, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what AI can do and creating a tangible impact in the lives of people.


During the recent past years, data science is gaining importance and has emerged as one of the most high-growth, dynamic, and lucrative careers for students exploring the field of technology. The AI & DS programme at Jio Institute prepare students with the skills to perform data analysis and bring about intelligent insights about business operations which forms a key component in numerous real-world applications.

Programme Mentor

Dr. Larry Birnbaum

Professor, Computer Science, Northwestern University, USA

Dr. Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist, CoE AI/ML, Jio


Programme Advisory Council

Dr. Uday Desai

Former Director, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India

Dr. Maneesh Agrawala

Forest Baskett Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Stanford University, USA

Dr. Padmanabhan Anandan

CEO, Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence, India

Dr. Joydeep Ghosh

Schlumberger Centennial Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr. Rajesh Gupta

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Prateek Jain

Sr. Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Dr. M Vidyasagar

Fellow of The Royal Society, National Science Chair & Distinguished Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Mr. Sudhir Wadhwa

Lecturer in the ISA Department, Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, USA; Professor at Indian School of Business, ISB, India; CTO at Viridis Learning

Dr. Dan Roth

Eduardo D. Glandt Distinguished Professor, University of Pennsylvania




The AI & DS curriculum has a heavy focus on incorporating courses that build analytical and technological skills. The proposed curriculum also includes an India centric focus. The courses have been mapped to the academic calendar by quarter as stated below:

Q1: 19th July 2021 - 15th Oct 2021
  • Introduction to AI
  • Database and Data Warehousing
  • Probability and Statistics for AI & DS
  • Design Thinking
Q2: 18th Oct 2021 - 4th Feb 2022
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to NLP
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science Pipeline
  • Solution and Systems Thinking in AI
Q3: 7th Feb 2022 - 29th Apr 2022
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Ethics in AI
  • Introduction to Speech Processing
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
Q4: 16th May 2022 - 5th Aug 2022
​ Immersion Quarter
  • Industry Internships
  • Faculty led Projects
  • Entrepreneurship
Q5: 22nd Aug 2022 - 18th Nov 2022
  • Advanced NLP
  • Introduction to Optimization
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Deep Learning in Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning in Speech
  • Explainable AI
Q6: 21st Nov 2022- 03rd Feb 2023
  • Graphical Models
  • Advanced Optimization
  • Active and Semi-Supervised Learning
  • Time Series Analysis & Demand Forecasting
  • Computational Biology
  • Conversational Dialogue Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing

Learning Outcomes


AI technology has gained high relevance in today’s evolving world where innovation is disrupting and influencing key business areas such as intelligent systems, medtech, edtech, deep learning, and even agriculture. Studying data sciences becomes important for students as it prepares them better for a job as a software engineer, or a researcher for neural networks and has great application in the field of quantum artificial intelligence.

The AI & DS programme at JIO INSTITUTE provides students with the foundation and advanced skill sets to analyze complex problems in the business world using the principles and technologies of AI. Students will get deeper understanding of the artificial intelligence landscape including logic, knowledge representation and machine learning.  Furthermore, students who want to pursue a career in the field can learn topics such as robotics, vision, and natural language processing.

It also enables students to lead teams in the design and development of new artificial intelligence technologies and products.

Overseas Module

Despite the increasing global competition for jobs, higher education institutions in India do not offer multiple avenues for graduate students to experience an international, cross cultural environment and build the skills necessary to succeed in a global economy. With only a small portion of students studying abroad at some point in their academic career at most Indian institutions, there is an opportunity to provide students with a differentiated experience.

Incorporating an overseas module as a core part of the pedagogy, for the AI & DS is an effective and accessible means for students to develop needed skills and experience different cultures, environments and education systems. Students at Jio Institute will remain enrolled with the Jio Institute, and shall be sent to the partner university for a short duration as part of their academic curriculum.

Jio Institute will sign MOUs with partner universities where the overseas module shall be developed and delivered, with the support of its faculty (if needed). The partner university will evaluate the learning outcomes of students and shall provide unofficial transcripts or grades which will be incorporated in the official transcripts issued by the Jio Institute. The partner university shall also provide a graduate certificate for all Jio Institute students for the successful completion on the overseas module at their university. The duration of the programme will be between 2-6 weeks and take place between February and March 2022.


Immersion Quarter


Jio Institute intends to incorporate real world applications into its core pedagogical elements. To achieve this objective, all students at Jio Institute shall have the opportunity to undertake an immersion quarter during the programme that focuses on developing skills that aid the applications of courses.


The Immersion Quarter will offer opportunities to work with leading companies and non – profits or on campus with a pre - determined project scope. The Immersion Quarter shall have academic credit equivalent to three courses.

The student may take-up the following options during the immersion quarter:

  • Internship with companies

  • Immersion Projects facilitated through faculty

  • Engage in research projects with faculty at partner institutes


Dr. Larry Birnbaum

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University, US

Dr. Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist, CoE AI/ML, Jio

Dr. Amy Schwartz

Adjunct Lecturer, Segal Design Institute,  Northwestern University – Design Thinking

Dr. Jennifer Levin

Adjunct Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology, Former Designer at IDEO – Design Thinking

Dr. Manish Gupta

Principal Applied Scientist, Microsoft India – Deep Learning in Speech

Dr. Chandra Bhagavatula    

Research Scientist, Allen Institute for AI, USA




Jio Institute believes in the power of learning in new contexts and helping the students to better understand consumers and different marketplaces. The AI & DS programme offered at JIO INSTITUTE will address the business needs and goals of students and offer high potential career tracks to them as per their interest and career aspirations which shall be one from –Corporate Track, Research Track and Entrepreneurial Track.

The different career paths post AI & DS at JIO INSTITUTE have been outlined below:

1. Corporate Track: Jio Institute’s Artificial Intelligence & Data Science degree is designed for students who wish to be specialists in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Jio Institute believes in developing technology professionals who would have gainful opportunities to work in exciting roles. Illustrative career paths for AI & Data Science students:

  • Tech Companies: Data Scientist; Big Data Architect

  • Research and Development: Research Scientists; Data Engineer

  • Corporations: Business Intelligence Developer; Analytics Manager

  • Consulting Firms: Data Analyst; Business Analyst

  • Solution Companies: Software Engineer; AI Architect

  • Entrepreneurial: Technology Consultants; Chief Scientists

2. Research Track: JIO INSTITUTE offers specialized research track to accommodate personalized preferences of students who want to continue their learning in the areas on digital media and marketing. Students aspiring to build a career in academics and research can choose to continue their studies by enrolling for the doctoral or post-doctoral programme offered at the institute.

3. Entrepreneurial Track: For students interesting to explore career opportunities as an Entrepreneur, JIO INSTITUTE offers an ecosystem with activities such as competitions, supporting of innovative ideas, incubation centres, and mentoring of entrepreneurs. Students who fish to further build on their innovative ideas in the field of data sciences and analytics will be provided support from the faculty in terms of management and industry expertise. JIO INSTITUTE will connect the students with relevant agencies and angel networks and help students secure funding for their ventures.