9th March 2021

19:30 – 21:00 (IST) 

Mr. Samir Sheth

Dr. Aditi Bajaj

Mr. Anish Shah


Consumer Product Marketing Lead at Twitter (Ex: Fitbit, Facebook, P&G), Twitter, USA

Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University; Santa Clara University

Director, Forrester Research, USA



Digital Marketing has become one of the most essential tools in the economy today to connect with customers. Due to COVID-19 and prolonged time at home, more customers have started interacting digitally. Major changes have taken place in the market situations due to an overwhelming engagement with Digital Media. Digital capabilities formed during COVID-19 are becoming permanent methods of customer engagement strategies. Digital Media has become an important contributor in delivering a seamless experience that customers demand. 


This masterclass is all about understanding the increasing importance of Digital media in engaging customers post-COVID. It will deal with a spur in customer interaction due to a discrete and novel approach in Digital Marketing stimulated by COVID-19. The session will share specific industry examples and highlight the marketing skills and roles organizations will need to compete in the Post-COVID-world. The masterclass will share insights on key global and Indian digital marketing trends and customer behavior changes caused due to the pandemic.

As a part of Jio Institute’s upcoming Masters on Digital Media and Marketing Communications, we would like to invite you to an interactive and informative masterclass on 

Embracing Digital Marketing to Engage with Customers in the Post-Covid World

By Mr. Anish Shah, Dr. Aditi Bajaj, and Mr. Samir Sheth

The masterclass will reach out to introduce the trends digital marketing is undergoing to connect with their customers. The session will then be taken forward by Mr. Anish Shah who will focus on the global marketing trends in Post Covid World according to Forrester Research. Later, Dr. Aditi Bajaj will talk about the insights and evolving customer behaviors in the realms of Digital Marketing. In culmination of the masterclass, Mr. Samir Sheth will discuss how social media, especially Twitter, is evolving in the new Post-COVID world. 



Mr.  Samir Sheth 

Consumer Product Marketing Lead at Twitter (Ex: Fitbit, Facebook, P&G), Twitter, USA

Mr. Sheth is the Consumer Product Marketing Lead at Twitter. He is a product marketer with background in brand strategy & go-to-market planning, product strategy & design, consumer research, and creative strategy. At Twitter, he is the lead  for the go to market strategy and planning for Conversation and Interests consumer product focus areas. This includes understanding consumer needs & barriers, developing positioning & messaging that supports a strong narrative, consumer research, channel marketing plan and campaign & creative strategy. He formerly served as a Product Marketing Manager at Fitbit where he was responsible for leading global product & brand strategy, messaging & positioning, and go to market planning & execution for wearable devices. He also held positions in Marketing at Facebook and in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble


Dr. Aditi Bajaj

Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University;

Santa Clara University

Dr. Aditi Bajaj is Faculty at the North Western University at the San Francisco Bay Area, United States of America. She has significant experience in a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods and a strong record of translating research into actionable insights. In her present role, she offers a range of courses that combine the latest digital marketing tools with traditional consumer behavior and marketing theories. During her tenure, she led the design and execution of strategic research initiatives of Fortune 500 companies. Her research revolved around experimental design, discrete choice models, cluster analyses and regressions to guide advertising, branding, product design, pricing, customer engagement and segmentation decisions. Prior to that she worked at Landor Associates, where she used her research skills to answer questions related to brand equity measurement and valuation, brand architecture, new product innovation, positioning and messaging. Her Doctoral thesis at Georgia Institute of Technology focused on Facial Imagery, Brand Personality and the Psychology of Design.


Mr. Anish Shah

Director, Forrester Research, USA

Mr. Shah has been part of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact team for three years. He has worked with a number of technology clients to demonstrate the value of technology investments using Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology. He has worked with various technologies including software-as-a-service (SaaS), security/data privacy, big data, CRM, and sales enablement providers. He has worked to grow Forrester's end-user business by developing business cases for government and healthcare clients who are evaluating new solutions. Prior to joining Forrester, Anish worked as a business development manager for American Express in New York and as a manager at Enaxis Consulting, focused on providing IT advisory to the energy and transportation industry

  • Understanding the involvement of Digital Marketing in Organisations

  • Frameworks of Digital Marketing in Community Building

  • Key concepts on how Digital Marketing has boosted Customer Connect

  • Focus on Digital Marketing Trends on Post-COVID world

  • Insights on evolving customer behaviours

  •  How Twitter is evolving in the Post-COVID world


  • Students looking to accelerate their careers in Digital Media and Marketing Communications

  • Anyone interested in understanding more about digital transformations and its future implications

  • Anyone waiting to transition into working in digital transformation

  • Established digital professionals who want to advance their skillset

  • Consultants looking to broaden their skills of consulting expertise in digital technologies. 


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