5th November 2020


18:30 – 20:00 (IST) 


Jennifer Levin


Dr. Amy Schwartz

Experience and Service Design Lead, Vice President at Northern Trust; Adjunct Faculty, Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, USA

Principal, Empathic Innovation; Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University, Segal Design Institute, USA


The focus of innovation has shifted from being engineering-driven to design-driven, from product-centric to customer-centric, and from marketing-focused to user-experience-focused.


Through synthesizing both data science and design thinking, individuals and organizations can develop innovative solutions to drive AI and automation. By harnessing the concept of design thinking, organizations and data scientists can produce fast, thorough & transformative solutions that have the power to change lives. Design Thinking is a mindset and a human centered approach to define and understand customer requirements, empathize with others, create prototypes of possible solutions and hone those prototypes to develop products, services and processes.


As part of Jio Institute’s upcoming Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science program, we would like to invite you to an interactive and informative masterclass on 

Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation
 by Dr. Amy Schwartz and Jennifer Levin

In this session, Dr. Schwartz and Ms. Levin will explain, how designing innovative products and services requires defining the problem statement and narrowing it down to its specific focus areas.

The session will also explore Design Thinking as the art of moving between the larger system and the minute design details, that would enable creators to think both systematically and intimately. The session will also have the speakers present case studies and examples that will highlight the process of creating impactful solutions using design thinking methodologies.



Jennifer Levin

Experience and Service Design Lead, Vice President at Northern Trust; Adjunct Faculty, Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, USA

Jennifer Levin is the Vice President, Interaction Design and Service Design Lead in the Digital Experience Solutions Group at Northern Trust Lab. Her past engagements have been as the Design Director, Human Centered Design Studio at United Healthcare; Interaction Design Consultant at Northern Trust; Design Manager at McDonald’s and Senior Interaction Designer at IDEO. She is an Adjunct Professor at Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology.


Ms. Levin has done B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University and M.P.S. Interactive Media from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Ms. Levin has been decorated with a number of awards. She has been awarded Medical Design Excellence Awards (2010), IDEA Bronze for Graphical User Interface (1998), IDEA Silver for Graphical User Interface (1997) and IDEA Bronze for Conceptual Products (1997).


Dr. Amy Schwartz

Principal, Empathic Innovation; Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University, Segal Design Institute, USA

For over 30 years, Dr. Amy Schwartz has used her training as a cognitive psychologist to humanize technology and has applied her expertise in human-centered design across a wide range of challenges. She spent 20 years at the design innovation consultancy IDEO, where she founded the design research group in the Chicago studio, served as the global design research lead for the IDEO health practice, and led the design research for some of IDEO’s most innovative and successful designs including the award-winning Lifeport Kidney Transporter (which won the IDSA Design of the Decade award and is in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art), Medtronic StealthStation surgical navigation system, Bayer Contour glucose meters, and Sherwin Williams’ ColorSnap in-store color selection system.

Dr. Amy Schwartz has worked with a wide variety of clients from startups, to industry giants like Baxter, Eli Lilly, and American Express as well as clients in the governmental and public sectors.

Dr. Amy Schwartz excels in helping clients and design teams frame problems in new ways to inspire innovative design solutions. She is an expert practitioner of Design Thinking and a frequent speaker and coach for this human-centered approach to innovation.

Dr. Amy Schwartz is an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute, where she teaches design research and serves as a faculty advisor in the MMM program, as well as the Engineering, Design, and Innovation program. She is the Design Researcher in Residence at MATTER, the Chicago health-tech incubator where she advises and mentors teams on design research and human centered design. She is part of the Chicago Innovation Mentor Network, based at MATTER. Amy does consulting as a Principal at Empathic Innovation, LLC

  • How to develop viable solutions for challenges using design thinking and hypothesis-driven innovation processes

  • Understanding the design process to create unique customer experiences.

  • How to drive innovative practices utilizing design thinking methodologies

  • Understanding the nuances of design thinking, digital thinking and Innovation. 

  • Understanding how to apply the concept of design thinking as a way of life

  • Much more...

Key Learnings

  • Young Professionals

  • Project Leaders and Managers

  • Consultants and Educators

  • Business Analysts

  • Data Scientists/Researchers/Engineers

  • UI/UX Designers

  • Research and Development Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Sales and Marketing Leaders

  • Engineers and Architects

  • Design and Innovation Enthusiasts/Practitioner’s

  • Anyone interested in learning about Design Thinking.

Who Should Attend?

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